S.C. Program:

An S.C., or Super Coach, is a coach who accompanies a group or is involved with GymRep, whether it is to learn or join other trainers of all levels and from the four corners of the world, in an environment filled with high-quality gym equipment. The coach is not assigned a particular station, but instead is free to move from one to another to make use of his or her time as he or she sees fit! The S.C. is also invited to attend our evening clinics/training sessions. In these 90-minute sessions, we discuss a variety of topics relating to technique, theory and practice, such as manual assistance, biomechanics, physical preparation and the different movements required for different apparatus.

The S.C. is paired with a GE (coach with several years of experience at the camp) who can answer questions or direct the S.C. to the right person. The GE is responsible for ensuring that objectives are met, and is available to guide and address the Super Coach’s questions.


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