GymRep for BOYS!

You have been several to ask us, we listen, and now offer a GymRep program for to boys in 2018!

We have 20 places available and reserved for a week of camp dedicated to male athletes! Week # 5: From July 29th to August 4th, 2018.

The regular schedule remains the same, ie 2 trainings per day (8 stations), 2 outdoor activities per day and evening activities, accommodations and meals are included. Our coach to athlete ratio remains at 1/7 and consists of our team of specialists from across Canada.


Our group of male athletes will be housed in a separate dormitory.


A combination of the following 8 stations for a total of 30 hours of training:

1- Inflatable acrobatic tracks, with elastics on rail / flying trapeze

2- Linear 60 feet trampoline

3- Trampolines and mini-trampolines with acrobatic elastic system

4- Vault

5- Rod floor for tumbling

6- Conditioning, static elements and, Parkour

7- Rings and placement for parallel bars and pommels.

8- High bar


It is important to know that the proposed GymRep Boys Camp does not include training time on full pommel and parallel bars. Only educationals will be offered for these apparatus.

All of our male participants will be in one group. The level of training at each station will be adjusted according to the level of your son. A dedicated trainer will follow to allow progressions and adjustments as needed during the week.


If this formula suits you, online registration is here:


Register here!


It is important to note that you are part of the ‘GymRep pour garçons’ group, code: 506.

We look forward to welcoming you this summer!

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