It is highly probable that your daughter will come back from GymRep Gymnastics Camp completely transformed. Even more so, she may have loved her experience so much that she will want to come back next year!

We have a 75% loyalty rate, year over year. We thought we should warn you.

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A safe camp:

The Camp Boute-en-train is recognized for its top-rated (4 forks!) kitchen. Every day, GymReps will receive 3 balanced meals, as well as an afternoon and evening snack. To please the most complex palate, we also offer a salad bar with each meal. We wish to inform you that with the growing number of food allergies, we have declared GymRe a PEANUT-FREE camp!

If your child suffers from other types of allergies, please let us know so that we can take the necessary measures to ensure his or her safety.

All of our facilities are in close proximity of one another. The Camp Boute-en-train provides 24/7 first-aid services. Daly Lake has a large enough surface area to ensure that all water activities are safe.

The camp is located 10 minutes from the Rawdon CLSC, and only 40 minutes from the Joliette Hospital. Let’s not forget that this proximity ensures that:

«You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your child is never far!»

In addition to the staff at our gymnastics camps, we also get extensive support from the Camp Boute-en-train personnel for our outdoor activities.

There is therefore a ton of supervision to maximize your child’s safety.

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