A GymRep is an exceptional gymnast in search of thrills and who shares our love of what we believe to be the most beautiful sport in the world: gymnastics!

Any athlete over the age of 7 is eligible. You don’t need to have experience to sign up. All you need is an interest for gymnastics and dance, and of course the desire to learn new techniques and make new friends.

From the moment you arrive at the camp, your skills will be evaluated to ensure that each of you joins a group that is suited to your experience level. It’s important that your group stimulates you, in accordance to your abilities and expectations. Our experts will find you a place in one of our 8 groups, each assembled according to age and experience (that is, whether you have already done gymnastics or not).

Information for beginners

Every week, we welcome many GymRep beginners who are given the opportunity to exchange with experienced, high-performance athletes.

Please note that we do not put any pressure on our GymRep athletes and that we make sure that everyone progresses at their own pace, in accordance with their abilities.


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